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I tramped around Fiesta Island again this morning. While sorting through a mixed flock of Horned larks and pipits, the group was flushed by a dog. Most of the flock flew to the Least tern nesting area, but one bird circled, calling. I believe that bird was a Lapland Longspur based on the call and white outer tail feathers. While it was still in the air (I was was trying for flight pics), a very wet, muddy Irish Setter jumped up and gave me numerous sloppy kisses. So I missed where the bird went. My binocular cups were entirely filled with mud, but I cleaned them as much as I could and searched for the Longspur. I found the HOLA flock, minus pipes and Longspur. I went back two times to the original area and searched without success. Bottom line, I believe there is a LALO out there somewhere. The original spot the mixed flock was in is outside the fenced corner for the least terns, maybe 60 yards east of the South Gate to that area.

I also went to several other grassy fields in the area. The large fenced baseball field at Robb Field (it has 4 backstops) had at least 60 pipits and 30 HOLA. This field should get searched again soon.

The Bill Cleator Community Park has a handful of pipits, but no HOLA.

Nancy Christensen

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late/wintering vireos and orioles

On Sunday the 11th, a returning, wintering CASSIN'S VIREO was in residential Point Loma near the intersection of Dupont X Gage. Elsewhere in the neighborhood was a "Slate-colored" Junco, 2 Nashvilles, and a Wilson's. On Monday the 12th, in residential Coronado, there was a late WARBLING VIREO, and a female ORCHARD ORIOLE (with an adult male Bullock's) which is very likely a returning, wintering bird, as well as a Western Tanager and B-t Gray Warbler. Overall bird numbers and diversity were NOT impressive, however.  Day after day of clear, dry, warm weather does NOT help….

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
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Tesoro Grove 11-12-18

The American Redstart and Summer Tanager continue at Tesoro Grove at 8:20am. East side of driveway.

Sunny Slope park had a calling Western Tanager, a GC Sparrow and a number of obnoxious crows trying to get rid of an adult Cooper’s Hawk.

Eric Kallen
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Red-necked Grebe at Shelter Island

I see a photo of a Red-necked Grebe posted on Facebook. Photo taken on Nov 11, 2018 at Shelter Island. I have not seen this show up on Ebird yet, so just spreading the word. May be the same bird that wintered near the pier last year.

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tierrasanta tanagers 11-11-18

This afternoon just before 4, a very vocal western tanager was in eucalyptus on the north side of Tierrasanta Blvd just west of Colina Dorada.  
I was not able to lay eyes on it to confirm, but just after 4 what sounded like a summer tanager was calling in ficus adjacent to the SDGE substation on the south side of Tierrasanta Blvd a bit east of Tambor.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
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Eurasian Wigeon and Herring Gull at the Sweetwater River on 11/9

Hi Folks, 

Apologies for the late report. Friday, November 9th at around 1:30pm, I spotted a male Eurasian Wigeon at the Sweetwater River. It was seen foraging at low tide with American Wigeon in between the 4th Street and Broadway overpass. I also saw a Herring Gull in the same area.


Lesley Handa

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miscellanea & some high counts

On Nov 10th, a late Warbling Vireo was along Woodworth Way in Liberty Station (where also an adult male Bullock's Oriole and B-t Gray W.), and single different "Slate-colored" Juncos were at SD City College and in eastern residential Point Loma. On the 9th, the Vesper Sparrow continued at the Sunset ballfields in the TRV (with Savannahs), as did the adult male Summer Tanager (probably returning from last winter, when a first-year male present) and a Western Tanager at Nestor Park. Returning wintering Yellow Warbler and 3 Black-thr Gray Warblers in Mission Valley on the 8th.  Some miscellaneous high counts over the past few days included 30 Common Loons over residential Point Loma in the early AM on the 7th and a total of 25 "Belding's" Savannah Sparrows at the very high tide at Crown Point also on the 7th; as well as a continuing 170 Red Knots at the saltworks on south San Diego Bay on the 9th, along with 14 Ruddy Turnstones (which is actually a fairly high count in recent years for this overall declining species).

–Paul Lehman,  San Diego
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Pt. La Jolla sea watch 3 White-winged Scoters

This morning I arrived at La Jolla Cove about 6:40 to find Gary Nunn and Bruce Rideout already staked out and watching. The first flock of scoters to come by had an immature male White-winged Scoter mixed in, my target species for today. We had about 200 Surf Scoters for the morning, a handful each of Common and Pacific Loons, a Snow or Ross’s Goose land well offshore, a few phalaropes (likely Red-necked), and a Parasitic Jaeger as well. After Bruce left two more White-winger Scoters came. Much closer, and Gary got photos of the adult males. Great viewing conditions this morning.

Dan Jehl
San Diego
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Imperial Beach bike path birding (no rarities)

Pond 20 in the saltworks is being lowered today (10 Nov.). Right now it's still Willet etc. land but the next few days should turn it into peep land. This is the E-most pond along the bike path and is an eBird hotspot. High tide brings in the most birds but as the pond is being lowered birds often stay in it feeding even when the tide is low out on the bay. Access is at the end of 13th or the end of Main near Swiss Park.

Matt Sadowski

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