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Clark’s Nutcracker

Continued Wednesday morning at the pump house at Agua Dulce (Laguna mtns)

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb
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Pectoral Sandpiper & Red-Necked Phalarope Continue at Calavera

Both seen around 5:30P at the previously reported NE location near the Sky Haven Trailhead.  Nice finds by Tito Gonzalez.  This is a pretty birdy spot right now.  I managed about thirty species by standing in one spot for an hour, despite several telephone call interruptions.  And I probably missed a couple.

Checklist with bad ID photos of the rarities (and a greater yellowlegs for comparison to the pectoral sandpiper) below.  My long lens is in for repair, alas.
Tuck Russell

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Escaped falconry bird???: White Gyrfalcon flyover in Clairemont (San Diego nieghborhood), 12:15, Sep 18, 2018

I am out in the field trying to refind this bird, so am thumb-typing this message:

I was coming out of Home Depot at Balboa and Genesee at 12:15, looking up at the sky as I always do, when a white morph gyrfalcon flew over my head, heading to the north/northeast.
The bird was in view for about 10 seconds, about 75-100 feet up. A large falcon, bigger than a peregrine, broad-winged, with a powerful flight. Completely white underneath except for primary tips, speckled black on the dorsal side. No jesses visible in flight.

Just to the immediate north of that area is a long corridor of high-tension wires and poles that stretches for about 2 miles. Most are not visible from Genesee, but I first drove 2 blocks north to the Sprouts parking lot and scoped the ones I could see from there. I’ve been driving around the neighborhood here trying to get more looks at the electrical poles, but the entire area has aboveground wiring, and the streets in this area are a labyrinth.

I have a vague memory that a[-n escaped] white-morph gyrfalcon was reported from L.A. county last year, but do not have access to the listserv archives at the moment.

I cannot suggest anything other than keep your eyes open. I’ll put in maybe another hour of searching before I have to give up, and will post if I re-locate it.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Sept. 18, 2018; 1:25 pm
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TJRV 9-18-18

I made a few stops around the valley this morning. Overall rather quiet. A couple of birds of note;

American Bittern at the s.e. corner of the main Dairy Mart Ponds.

A vocal Northern Waterthrush at the "Stick Pond" of Dairy Mart Ponds.

A right on schedule White -cr. Sparrow at the Bird & Butterfly Garden drip.

Both male and female Vermillion Flycatchers at the Sunset Ball fields.

A large flight of swifts very high over the Old Suzie's Farms and moving east, appeared to be entirely White-throated Swifts.

Dave Povey


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Solitary Sandpiper, jaegers, Imperial Beach, Mon 17 Sep

A Solitary Sandpiper was in the flats area off bike path, opposite side of the Bay, west of the new apt or condo complex west of 7th St. A couple of immature jaegers went by close to shore at the end of Seacoast Dr. Based on build, I'd say both were most likely Parasitic, but not sure what species. Both sightings around 1:00 PM.

Paul Chad
University City
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SDFO Meeting Tuesday Sept 18

SDFO Event – September 18, 2018 at 6:00 pm is the next meeting of San Diego Field Ornithologists.


Tuesday, September 18, at 6:00 p.m., in the Hoffman Room of the San Diego Foundation Building, 2508 Historic Decatur Rd. Going south on Rosecrans St. in the Midway area of town, turn left on Roosevelt Rd. into Liberty Station and proceed a couple of blocks to Decatur. Parking is available on the street or in the adjacent parking lots.


Program: John Bruin will discuss “Birding in Indonesia: From Borneo to Papua.”


From mid-May to mid- June, John spent 5 weeks birding in Indonesia. He visited the islands of Java, Bali, Borneo and West Papua. In addition, he spent a couple of days in Singapore. Indonesia is home to more endemic species than any other country in the world. Birding in Indonesia can be challenging, due to the rustic and remote nature of roads and facilities. Many locations are rarely visited by other birders. John was fortunate to see some unique species, including Vogelkop Bower bird, Black- thighed Falconet, Javan Plover, Magnificent Bird of Paradise and many others. He will be presenting slides on some of the highlights of this trip.



Nancy Christensen



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Red-eyed Vireo and Pectoral Sandpiper

The REVI was not seen this morning between 6:30 AM and 8:00 AM by me or John Bruin. The Pectoral Sandpiper is still at Lake Calavera this morning in the same location previously reported by many.

Jan Nordenberg
San Diego

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RE Vireo continues Buddy Todd Park 130 pm

Seen moving around  in large pepper tree between  parking lot  entrance and womens bathroom. Also making forays to nearby trees, and once flew across street to small  Magnolia  Tree next to blue gray house with white trim with bright blue porta-potty outside, and fed on Magnolia fruit.  Sue Smith, Del Mar
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Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological Consulting
Del Mar, CA
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