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Re: Yellow-headed Blackbird and others at Sweetwater Reservoir

Following up on Jeremiah's report, I braved the rain and visited Sweetwater Reservoir today.  Among a large group of 100+ blackbirds that flew in from the south I found three Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the reeds around 32.6907374, -116.9904253.  A fisherman walking the shoreline flushed the flock and I got a glimpse of another two in flight.  Although I couldn't be certain those two weren't part of the initial few I found, I think there are actually quite a few YHBL lurking around here.  After being flushed they flew back to the south and dispersed into the tall grass among the Western Meadowlarks.

Andrew Newmark
El Cajon, CA
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continuing Pacific golden-plover Tijuana Estuary 2-7-20 and vocalizing common poorwill Tierrasanta

Sorry for the late posting, but the Pacific golden-plover continues at Tijuana Estuary, seen during high tide on 2-7-20 from 8:40 through 9:05 am among black-bellied plovers just NNE of the rivermouth south from Seacoast Dr in Imperial Beach.
Surprising due to the relatively cool overnight temperatures lately, from 7:15 to 7:30 pm on 2-7-20 a common poorwill was vocalizing sporadically from the canyon SSE of the SE edge of the cul-de-sac at the south end of La Cuenta Dr south from Tierrasanta Blvd in Tierrasanta.  At least two were calling in the same area on 2-8-20 between 7 and 7:30 pm.  Later at least two barn owl were very vocal & moving around the edges of the cul-de-sac & canyon.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
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Yellow-headed Blackbird and others at Sweetwater Reservoir

Birded Sweetwater Reservoir Saturday morning February 8, 2020.  Interesting birds included a female-type Yellow-headed Blackbird near the eastern limit of public access on the south shore.  From this area I also observed 3 Canvasbacks on the lake and a Bald Eagle on the north shore.  I only had binoculars and the eagle was quite distant; but it appeared to have a solid white head and tail of an adult.  Finally, there was a singing Grasshopper Sparrow just west of the fishing access parking lot.  The bird was seen with a scope as it sang; it would sing the "tik-tik-teeeeeeeeeez" part of its song, but it did not sing the jumbled musical notes that often follow. 

Jeremiah Stock
Santee CA
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Reddish Egret at San Diego River Estuary

Between noon & 1 pm, we saw a juvenile Reddish Egret at the San Diego River estuary.  We saw it from the south side.  It was working the shallow water near grassy islets across from the park headquarters.


Rich & Susan Breisch

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Laguna Mountains

Dan Jehl and I visited the Lagunas this morning (Friday). Lovely day with almost no breeze and very comfortable temperatures.


We first visited Desert View Road. Recently Jim Palicki reported what seemed to be large numbers of Townsend Solitaires (8 in one spot!) feeding on manzanita berries on the desert slope of the mountains. I looked around and found several on Desert View Road. This is the first turn north of the Desert View Picnic Area on Sunrise Highway – it is not marked on the street. Google calls it Desert View Road. We saw 4 Solitaires there this morning.


We then hiked down to the meadow from Mile 19 of the Sunrise Highway. Williamson’s Sapsucker female was seen within a ¼ mile of the parking area, right along the trail, as was another Solitaire, Pine Siskin and pink-sided Junco. Evening Grosbeaks were seen almost at the bottom of the trail, feeding in the trees to the left of the cow guard hump device on the trail. They called sporadically and drew attention to themselves. They did NOT come down to the water at the trough. We did have two Red Crossbills come to the trough. We had heard others, even at the parking area, but no way to tell if there more than two in the area, or if we were seeing the same two over and over. Two Cassins Finches were near the trough. The Lewis Woodpecker continued in the dead tree right over the trail just past the trough area.


Desert View Road checklist

Mile 19 checklist



Nancy Christensen



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Balboa Park, 6 warbler tree

At 10 this morning (2/7/20), I birded east Balboa Park (28th and Beech) north of the restrooms where the BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER is usually seen. I found it and a NORTHERN PARULA (eye-arcs, yellow breast with a weak band, gray head, white underneath, two white wing bars). Also present was a NASHVILLE WARBLER, the usual yellow-rumpeds, an orange-crowned, and a Townsend’s warbler. All were in the same tree.

Jim Roberts
University City
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Eastern Phoebe continues East Penasquitos canyon

The Eastern Phoebe continues although has not been reported in several days. It was located just past the dried up Vernal pool along upper trail just East of Penasquitos Creek Park. Found where houses and chain length fence begin.
Mel Senac
San Diego
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Black and White Warbler in Encinitas

A Black and white Warbler has been visiting our yard on Crest Drive in Encinitas frequently since early November. I've seen it about 20 times since then, usually without trying because it likes to forage on a huge Brazilian pepper tree outside our front door,  This morning it was in the tree with a Red-breasted Nuthatch.  If anyone would like to try their luck in seeing this warbler please email me directly off the list serve.  Or better, send me a text to my number below since I don't monitor my email all day.  Other birds this morning included  Western Tanager, Cedar Waxwing, Cassin's Kingbirds, Western Bluebirds, Song Sparrows, Bewick's Wren, Yellow-rump Warbler, Orange-crown Warbler and hummingbirds.  Observations of the Black and white Warbler have usually been between about 7:30 and 9:30 in the morning.  The Brazilian pepper tree is not visible from the street.

Steve Cameron
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Long-eared Owls at TG

Friends and I stopped by Tamarisk Grove Campground this afternoon and found that the "owl tree" had no owls in it. A quick search turned up two individuals above the NE corner of the propane tank fence (near restrooms), so at least two of them are still present. Bob Theriault, Borrego Springs.

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports