Western Kingbirds migrating through Bonita

Was out for our afternoon walk up Corral Canyon Dr. when I noticed a couple of Cassin's Kingbirds in a tree overhead. On second glance, they turned out to be Western Kingbirds and were immediately joined by about 10 more. First Western Kingbirds I recall  seeing in the neighborhood, although the open hillsides above our housing development are good WEKI habitat. This group was almost certainly Just Passing Through. Not a particularly exotic sighting, but I'll  take what I can get these days.

John Walters

Bonita, CA
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Spring arrivals at Sorrento Valley this past week

Today covering my local patch I had 2 Pacific Slope Flycatchers, 3 Yellow Warblers, and 2 Wilson's Warblers at the Flintkote trail which starts at the intersection of Flintkote Ave and Estuary Way and heads west.  I had heard Yellow Warblers there before last week, but Wilson's Warblers and Pac Slopes were new this season for me at Flintkote.  Unitt's SD Bird Atlas has 11 to 20 March for Wilson's arrival, so this is well within their expected spring arrival date, and also the  Yellow Warbler and Pacific Slope Flycatcher seem to be on schedule.  

Susan Smith 

Seiurus Biological  Consulting 
Del Mar, CA 

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological Consulting
Del Mar, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

A busy Coronado beach

Lots of birds enjoying the quiet central Coronado Beach this morning. Two big groups of ~90 surfbirds each, feeding at the waterline, accompanied by a good handful of red knots, a few willets; about 25 godwits keeping to themselves. Two groups of ~15 royal terns, with a few elegant terns causing trouble at the edges of the group. ~200 sanderlings strewn all along the surfline. A group of 15 scoters off the (shuttered) Hotel Del rocks, and a couple of rafts of bright white dots way out at sea. No fulmars. A 'rare' day with about 300x the usual avian population.

Lisa Heinz
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Dairy Mart Green-tailed Towhee

The green-tailed towhee was at the usual location, near the kiosk next to the South pond.  While the trails are closed birding is still good along the road with merlin, cal gnatcatcher and sora calling.

Richard Cuthbertson

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dead Fulmars Cardiff beach

Hi all there were 5 dead Fulmars on Cardiff beach today Thursday…..also one dead sea lion
that`s the most I`ve seen since the big fulmar die off about 15 years ago  
Cardiff beach is open if you can find a parking place on the street     parking lots are closed    parking on street will be non existent if the surf is good………or even fair

stay safe 
steve brad
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Re: Vaux’s Swift?

It has been suggested that this bird is a female Violet-green swallow, which can be quite dusky. That makes more sense for this time of year!

Nancy Christensen
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Park/Beach Closure

Just a heads-up regarding closures.  The IB Pier is closed.  Robb Field/SD River walk on the South side is closed. All access to the parking lot of Robb Field is blocked by barricades.  Cops on M/C are patrolling the park. Just a heads up on what I found-besides the scoters
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Black, White-wing and Surf Scoters at the Imperial Beach Y Surf Camp.

I went relatively early to the beach directly in front of the Y Surf School in Imperial Beach.  Thanks to Nancy C for responding to my question about the birds the previous night.  All 3 species were present this morning.  The birds were coming within 25-30 feet of the water's edge.  However, they would quickly swim out and beyond the breakwater if you approached or walkers went by.  There are two jetties at this beach  The birds would swim slightly south of the South jetty and then swim north to the north jetty.  They'd turn around and swim South to the South jetty.  This patter was consistent throughout the time I was watching them.  eBird completed with photos of scoters.
Mike Wittmer
Escondido, Ca

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Vaux’s Swift?

While photographing swallows in Ramona today, I took two frames of what looks like a Vaux’s Swift. This is about 6 weeks early for this species, so it makes me wonder….
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