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next san elijo monthly bird count monday 14 jan

The next San Elijo monthly bird count will be Monday 14 January.  Counts are conducted by volunteers on the second Monday of each month, rain or shine.  Please spread the word or join us if you can (no RSVP required).  Meet at 7:30 am at the north end of Rios Ave in Solana Beach (north from Lomas Santa Fe Dr, west of I-5) to divide into groups to cover different subareas.  A compilation generally follows around noon at the nature center on Manchester Ave (bring your own lunch).

Robert Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Pinyon Jay continues in Chula Vista

Today, Jan 12 around 1600, Mark Billings, Julie Barrios, and I saw the Pinyon Jay in Chula Vista  on the ne part of the path circling Eastlake.  This bird was first found by Mark on 1 Dec. in the same area and he has refound the bird on more than one date since.  The Jay was loosely associating with a flock of red-winged blackbirds and was heard to call briefly once. 


Elizabeth Copper


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Tesoro Grove /Nestor Park

The rain broke just before the morning light peaked the horizon. It was brisk, fresh and beautiful out at Nestor/Tesoro this morning. Birds were everywhere as were the puddles of water. There were a large amount of birds (50) drinking from the storm drain on the southwest side of Nestor Park. The stream that flows perpendicular and under Tessor Grove Wy was flowing well and sounded amazing.

The SCISSOR-TAIL FLYCATCHER was present near the play ground before flying off to the north towards Tesoro.

Throughtout the park the warblers were everywhere. I saw a WILSON, at least 4 OCW’s, at least 5 Black-Throated Gray’s if not more, RCK’s in abundance…

I can only imagine what I missed.

Side note, there were also a lot of birds in the water near the Radio Control airport, Northern Shovlers, Herons, Egrets, Gulls, killdeer…but Inwas just driving by. Only issue, it’s nasty and you’ll get stuck if you drive very far in the mud, so use caution.

if you’re headed to TRV today, HOLLISTER IS FLOODED JUST (south) PAST the Bird and Butterfly gardens, and MONUMENT ROAD is flooded just west of holister (Smuglers Gulch) with FASTMOVING WATER!!!

Hapy New Year and Happy birding!!!
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

First egg for Brandt's Cormorants at La Jolla Cove

This morning (1/11/19) a friend and I saw an egg for the first time this season at the Cove's Brandt's Cormorant rookery. Two females were hunkered down quietly on their nests, and when one stood up, there was an egg. So there might be one or more under the other female too? Lots of active displaying going on among the other birds. Their throats are really blue, and the white nuptial plumes seem especially handsome this year.

Sally M. Gall
La Jolla
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Escondido CBC Notes

The Escondido CBC was held on January 5.  We recorded 150 species, a little

below the previous ten-year average of 154.  Only four species were noted that

were recorded on fewer than ten previous counts.  

Our sole new species was a Sagebrush Sparrow observed in Ramona by Jay

Desgrosellier and Courtny Achenbach.  Jay has previously commented on this

sighting.  This brings our total number of species recorded in this count circle to


Other species with fewer than ten previous records include:

Clark’s Grebe, six on Lake Wohlford, actually being regularly reported in recent


Harris’s Hawk near the Ramona Airport, also noted on last year’s CBC and

intermittently since.

White-winged Dove, a total of twenty-five noted by three teams covering

northeast Ramona, the Ramona Airport, and the east end of the San Pasqual

Valley.  This is our third straight year of recording this species which appears to

be expanding its range.

Cedar Waxwings, Western Bluebirds, Hermit Thrushes, and American Robins

occurred in above average numbers, but many songbirds were in notably low

numbers.  Thirty Hooded Mergansers constituted a new high count.

I also note the following species that were recorded on this year’s Escondido 

CBC that were not listed on the 2017 San Diego CBC:  Ross’s Goose, Wood 

Duck, Common Mergasner, Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle (I know of one on this 

year’s SD count), Ferruginous Hawk, Western Screech-Owl, White-throated 

Swift, Red-breasted Sapsucker, Mountain Chickadee, Canyon Wren, Mountain 

Bluebird, Bell’s Sparrow, Vesper Sparrow, Scott’s Oriole, and Purple Finch.

Ken Weaver



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

SD River from Dog Beach to near the 5 fwy

Sorry for the late post, yesterday Tuesday I birded said area teaching a friend beginning birding. From 11:00 til dusk there were two Reddish Egrets (juvenile & adult) & the Tricolored Heron working the east end of Dog Beach mudflats and South river channel. There were also two Black Oystercatchers on the concrete slab part of the jetty that separates the river from the Mission Bay inlet. Then later to the further east,  between the two bridges, were a first winter Common Goldeneye and a male Eurasian Wigeon.

Thomas Myers
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Mountain Bluebirds Ramona

I've been looking for Mountain Bluebirds on and around Rangeland Rd the past few days, but wasn't really able to locate any until today.

They weren't real close to Rangeland road, they were along Highland Valley Road, on both sides of the road, nearer to the grasslands entrance and west of there, close to Archie Moore Rd and Archie Moore Trail.  Maybe they have been here for a while, but they were there in pretty good numbers this morning.
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Miscellaneous birds on Monday 01/07/2019 and Tuesday 01/08/2019

I have been able to bird the past two mornings (1/7 and 1/8).


On Monday Jan 07,2019 the Red-necked Grebe is still present on Shelter Island. I had the bird working the channel between the boat launch and fishing pier. The horse pastures off San Dieguito Rd has 2 large flocks of Canada Geese with the larger flock having a minimum of 3 Cackling Geese. The smaller, more distant flock has one “white goose” that I presume is the continuing Ross’s Goose but too distant even through a scope to be certain.


Today, Jan 8, 2019 I saw the 2 Pacific Golden-Plovers at Tijuana Slough NWR –Ream Field that Eric K and Trent Stanley found on Jan 5. They are among the group of Black-bellied Plovers. The birds are distant , even through a scope and the lighting is poor in the AM. The looks are less than satisfactory for someone who loves to take photos.

I then headed over to the Saltworks—pond 20 looking for the reliable Common Goldeneyes frequently seen this time of year at this site.  15 Common Goldeneyes were present, 14 females and 1 male. The water level is very high. I then headed over to Sweetwater River just below the KOA campground. A male Eurasian Wigeon has returned for the -th winter. Good photo op—park on the street near the KOA and walk down the bike trail about a ¼ of a mile.


Good birding,

Mel Senac

San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Bald eagle at Lower Otay Lake 1-5-19

A co-worker just showed me video he took of an Adult Bald Eagle being chased by a Golden Eagle at Lower Otay this past Saturday, January 5, 2019.
Terry Brashear
San Diego County, CA
birdnird AT


Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

SLR River Reddish Egret

A Reddish Egret, quite possibly the bird first reported by Ken Weaver a couple of months ago, was present briefly west of the Pacific St bridge at the now open mouth of the San Luis Rey River in Oceanside today at noon. Showing nice reddish plumes on its neck, the bird flew off upriver after a few minutes of foraging along the flowing river.
Michael Martin 
Oceanside, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports