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Continuing rare warblers

This morning, March 16, Char Glacy, Jan Nordenberg, and Keith and I went to look for the Chestnut-sided Warbler at Batiquitos Lagoon, the Grace's Warbler (1282 Crest Dr. in Encinitas), and the Hermit Warbler (Crest Dr. at Torrey).  We were successful and had good views of all three.  It took an hour to find the Chestnut-sided; it was in eucs behind a bench near marker 17. We found the others pretty quickly.

Sara Mayers
Point Loma (San Diego)
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Red Crossbill spotted at Stonewall Mine 03/16/2019 at 11:45 near the bathrooms. Photos to follow.

Hello all,

Very vocal near the bathrooms. It took off north west but I think I am still hearing it.

I was watching a gentleman taking a photo of the bird but I didn’t want to disturb him. When I was sure he got he shot I asked him what he was shooting and he got me on the bird. Big thanks to you if you get this post fellow birder! Life bird for me!

I will post photos later on my report.

Terry Hurst
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Continuing Eastlake Pinyon Jay

The Pinyon Jay that has overwintered at Eastlake in eastern Chula Vista and reported earlier this season by Mark Billings and Elizabeth Copper continues as of today, Saturday. The bird often frequents the northeast shore of the lake, which is where it finally appeared this morning after about an hour wait. Earlier on I had heard it give a couple brief bouts of calling farther to the east a block near the intersection of Lakeshore X Eastshore. There are lots of planted Stone Pines in this neighborhood and which presumably is what attracted the bird to this area in the first place, although when it is right along the shore of the lake there are no pines there. The bird will call briefly and then shut up for fairly long periods of time. Thus, it could be difficult to find if it remains quiet.

Elsewhere, a count of 105 American White Pelicans on Sweetwater Reservoir is a fairly good local count, but no surprise given the good numbers of this species around the county all winter long.

Paul Lehman,  San Diego

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Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

SDFO meeting on Tuesday, March 19th

Please come join us for the next San Diego Field Ornithologist meeting!


When: Tuesday, March 19, at 6:00 p.m.
Where: In the Hoffman Room of the San Diego Foundation Building, 2508 Historic Decatur Rd. Go south on Rosecrans St. in the Midway area of town, turn left on Roosevelt Rd. into Liberty Station and proceed a couple of blocks to Decatur. Parking is available on the street or in the adjacent parking lots.


Program: We will have two speakers for March. First up will be Dave Povey who will be presenting the list of top birds of San Diego for 2018 as voted by our membership. He will also be discussing species heading up in numbers and those who appear to be heading down in numbers. Dave has been a regular on the local birding scene for years. He has participated on the annual Christmas counts for over 40 years and recently has been organizing the pelagic trips.

Our second speaker will be Nancy Christensen, presenting “Antarctica!” Nancy will present slides of her recent trip to the white continent. Nancy and her husband Russ traveled to Antarctica with Linblad/National Geographic in January 2019. They visited multiple locations along the Antarctic peninsula and in the Weddell Sea. Several locations had never been visited by NatGeo, including the recently discovered Adélie Penguin colony in the Danger Islands, so it really was an exploration expedition. This was truly a trip of a lifetime for them.

And if you haven't paid your 2019 dues, this meeting will be the perfect time. Single memberships are still going for the low price of $25 and family for a mere $35. For additional details for mailing your dues, please follow this link:  SDFO membership instructions.  
Remember to include your current email address for The Skimmer.  Please contact me offline if you've paid and didn't receive 
The Skimmer this month.

Barbara Carlson
SDFO membership chair

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Nutcrackers at Stonewall Mine

I saw 4 Clark’s Nutcrackers at Stonewall Mine at about 10am this morning, Friday March 15. They were feeding on the ground on fallen cones, just past the bathrooms. If you duck under the tree fallen s Ross the trail, you are in the right area.

Nancy Christensen

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.
Chinese Proverb
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15K black-vented shearwater in La Jolla Cove now

Just got to the Cove. There is a massive movement of black vented shearwaters into the cove. The ocean is covered as far as I can see. There may be more than 15,000 because there is still a river of shearwaters coming in from the south

Stan Walens, San Diego
7:15 am, March 15 2019
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Safari Park

Nothing rare to report. The egret rookery is getting started down at the African Trails snack bar area. Multiple WF Ibis nests in progress, and few Cattle Egret nests, and Snowy Egrets as well. Two or three BC Night Heron nests look like they may have eggs already. I did not see any Great Egrets nesting as of yet. A lot of action, which will increase over the next several weeks.

One bird of interest, there is a Great Horned Owl that is nesting in what is probably an old BCNH nest directly over the walkway if you are going from the Okapis down to the lagoon. The nest is quite small, with at least 2 owlets crowding the space. These birds will have to start scrambling soon. Right now the trees are not leafed out, so they are pretty easy to see.




Nancy Christensen



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Lawrence’s Goldfinches

The very large/lush field of fiddleneck
On the east side of Los Coches road ~.9 miles north of Old 80 had about 10 LAGO and 25 LEGO this morning about 9:30. The noisy LAGO spent most of the time in the sycamores along the north side and the dead tree with the owl box. The would not submit to photos, flying off in terror at the sight of my camera.

Eric Kallen
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Painted Redstart in Allen Canyon

After more hours of searching then I would care to admit, I just found the red start again at the very bottom of the trail just above the hotel parking lot in some eucalyptus.

Nathan French
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Around 200 Swainson's Hawks in Borrego Springs

Along with a major flower bloom, we now have around 200 Swainson's Hawks in town. They are presently at Ellis Farm located at Henderson Rd and Borrego Valley Rd.

They may relocate to the date farm across from the night site 1.6 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive. With light wind they probably will take off between 8:30 and 9:30am tomorrow. I'll probably be roaming around in the morning to locate the hawks and then determine where is best to observe the flight. The count leader tomorrow will be on the hill 2.5 miles north of Palm Canyon Drive on DiGiorgio Rd. 
You might want to try the evening site on Borrego Valley Rd first to see where the hawks settled in. The evening site is 1.6 miles north of Palm Canyon Rd on Borrego Valley Rd. There will be lots of folks in town for the flowers as well. 
Hal Cohen
Borrego Springs

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports