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Desert birding

I visited several spots on the desert today. Overall it was pretty quiet, with a few expected migrants present. Agua Caliente County Park had a single Lincoln’s Sparrow, a Cedar Waxwing and two warblers. The settling ponds in Borrego Springs had several sparrows – the first Brewer’s I’ve seen this fall; a small flock of Bell’s/Sagebrush sparrows; a few Savannahs; and a single Lincoln’s Sparrow. Tamarisk Grove had a work crew there, with chain saws and dump trucks. I skipped it completely.


Nancy Christensen



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Re: Hooded Wabler Maple Canyon

Had more good looks and recorded its call. Seen in bushes on both sides of trail and I just lost it in the palm trees. It is just a little way down the trail that starts near Quince pedestrian bridge. (32.7362442, -117.1618070) I’m hiking to the bottom but will try to relocate it on my way back up.

Nathan French
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new to me in Banker's Hill

While I have seen the scaly-breasted munia in Marston Canyon, this evening was the first time I have seen them in Maple Canyon, the part that abuts the parking lot just south of the San Diego Indoor Sports Club.


Then walking home across the First Street Bridge over the canyon, I heard (did not see)
California Quail calling for about 10 minutes.  The viewing is an issue since that bridge is pretty far from the canyon floor.  First time I have ever heard them in 15 years in this neighborhood.




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Long-tailed paradise wydah

SD Audubon received a call from a Hillcrest/Mission Hills resident with a long-tailed paradise wydah at 1045 on Tues 9/17; she has sent photos. She'd love to know if any have been seen in her neighborhood (or if anyone is missing one).

Lisa Heinz
at San Diego Audubon Society office

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Pelagic scouting Sept.16-19

Four of us did a quick offshore scouting trip Monday. We had a great jaeger show, with maybe a dozen or more, of all three species, seen and photographed. Jaegers have been in very small numbers locally the last few years, and missed completely on several trips, so it was nice to see this level of activity.

Good numbers of terns are likely why so many jaegers. are present. The Parasitic Jaegers seemed to be after the most numerous Elegant Terns, The sixty plus Common Terns were harassed by Long-tailed Jaegers, and at least one Pomarine Jaeger was seen going after Black-vented Shearwaters.

Black-vented Shearwater were the most abundant species for the day, with over a thousand counted. Most over the deep water just inside the Nine Mile Bank.
A somewhat out of season dark morph Northern Fulmar was on the Thirty Mile Bank. The bird did not appeared to be in worn plumage, so was likely a new arrival..
We had eight Sabine's Gulls for the day, scattered in singles and twos over the Nine Mile Bank and beyond. We had both adults and juvies in about equal numbers. Seems to be a good year for that species.
Pink-footed, and  Sooty Shearwaters were in small numbers today as was Black Storm-Petrel.
No other storm-petrel species was seen today The bad news is that we still have no location for the rafting stormies. In fact the normal area we have found them in the past, seems completely  devoid life right now.
We had both Red and Red-necked Phalaropes today. Red-necked  Phalaropes far out number the two Red Phalaropes counted.
Three individual Brown Booby were seen today, all dark juveniles. 
We had a number of shorebirds migrating south offshore, Whimbrels (14) and Marbled Godwit (1) .  Zuniga Jetty held Surfbirds (17), and Black Turnstones (13).
Last on a non birding note we saw an unusual Common Dolphin "stampede" on the return to the Nine Mile Bank. Not sure what set it off, but always spectacular to see several hundred dolphin fleeing at full speed.
Nancy Christensen as put up our trip on eBirds.
Dave Povey

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American Oystercatcher Search

After reading Stan’s and Nancy’s emails yesterday, I decided to check La Jolla this morning to see if I could find an American Oystercatcher. I searched every spot I could find coastal access from Coast Walk in La Jolla, all the way south to PB Point and didn’t find a single oystercatcher. Plenty of Spotted Sandpipers and Black Turnstones, and a couple of Wandering Tattlers and Western Sandpipers, but no luck finding any oystercatchers. The tide was fairly high and I’m sure that is an important factor but have no idea how that effects their choice of terrain/location.

Nathan French
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Green-tailed Towhee in Dairy Mart area

A Green-tailed Towhee was seen at 9:35 AM on Sept. 15.  It was in bushes and under the wooden fence along the trail at the southeast end of the overgrown “stick pond” west of the Dairy Mart Pond.


Rich & Susan Breisch, Clairemont

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports