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Re: New fort Rosecrans rule

Hi Brian,

Out of curiosity, I checked the cemetery schedule for 11/4.  There was a burial at 10:30, which I assume is the reason for the groundskeeper's request.  I could be totally wrong, of course, so I agree we should follow the rule.  Ft. Rosecrans is a very special place for birding, walking, or reflection.  
I carry a small Lumix point & shoot camera when I bird, which I use to take photos of birds I cannot identify.  I use the photos to figure out the identification at home.  I had a groundskeeper ask me why I was in the cemetery, and what I planned to photograph.  When I explained the binocs & the camera are for birding, he told me I could photograph the birds, but photographing the soldiers' name & information on the headstones is not allowed unless the deceased is a family member.  On a later visit, I had a groundskeeper approach me and tell me that photographs are strictly forbidden in the cemetery, and I could leave or put the camera in my car and continue birding. 

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Plumbeous Vireo – Stagecoach Park

This afternoon (11/9) there was a PLUMBEOUS VIREO at Stagecoach Community Park, moving between the pine and eucalyptus trees near the restrooms.

Alex Abela
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Lucy's Warbler, 11/09

The Lucy's Warbler continues at Southcrest Community Park (Rec Center) in the eucalyptus tree nearest the gate this morning around 0700. It was spotted by Trent Stanley, and true to this bird's M.O., gave only a quick look.
Barbara Carlson
San Diego

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Grace's Warbler : Encinitas, Crest Drive ; 9 NOV2019

I observed  a GRACE’S WARBLER this morning (9 NOV2019)  in the pines in front of 1282 Crest Drive Dr. in Encinitas. This is almost certainly the same individual that wintered at this location last winter. So it looks like both of last year’s wintering GRWAs have returned. Photos in ebird report.


Tito Gonzalez

Carlsbad, CA

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probable "Siberian" American Pipit Fiesta Island

I went to Fiesta Island this morning to search for the Mountain Plover with no luck. I did come across a  "SIBERIAN" AMERICAN PIPIT (A. r. japonicas). This bird had dark contrasting streaks (darker than other AMPI in the area) on the belly and flanks with dark malar stripe that widened to a dark triangle shape. A light eye ring was noticeable. It had bold wing bars on dark wings. The legs were very pink in color and stood out strongly in the morning sun. I was unable to get photos as the dog park was in heavy use with many dogs actively chasing birds at the owners request.
Keers (as the MAMU says)
Kerry Ross
Bay Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Female Black-headed Grosbeak in Vallecito backyard, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

A lone Black-headed Grosbeak visited our backyard drip in Vallecito on November 3rd. I had never seen one this late in the year, and was shocked by how battered she appeared with what would turn out to be a deformed bill, worn feathers and even some dried jam on her face. Thanks to the benevolence of more experienced birders, I was finally able to ID her as a female Black-headed as opposed to a Rose-breasted.

3 photos at:

Britta Lee Shain
Vallecito in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
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Gray Flycatcher and Vermilion Flycatchers at Whelan Lake

A beautiful birdy day at the Whelan Lake Bird Sanctuary today/Friday turned up the two continuing bright male VERMILION FLYCATCHERS and a GRAY FLYCATCHER flycatching lakeside at about these coordinates:  33.242468, -117.339981

A few more details can be found on our complete eBird list here:

Whelan Lake is a private sanctuary and you need to call the caretakers' home a day ahead for access:  (760) 722-4887

Eve Martin
Del Mar, California
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Zone-tailed Hawk at the San Diego Safari Park

After looking at tons of Turkey Vultures soaring over the San Diego Safari Park today (Friday, Nov. 8), I finally saw a Zone-tailed Hawk soaring over the amphitheater at noon while watching the bird show with my daughter. Easily distinguished from Turkey Vultures by the yellow cere, yellow legs, broad white band on tail and lack of a pink head. 

Elizabeth Morgan
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Mountain Plover, Fiesta Island, 8 Oct 2019

The Mountain Plover continues, seen about 9:00 today, near SW corner of 'triangle' of the Dog Park area of Fiesta Island, Mission Bay. Lone bird just standing out in the open/bare area. Nothing else of note there.

Also, the two immature Snow Geese Paul L saw yesterday, north Mission Bay Park near De Anza Cove, were not there this AM – they have been off-and-on at that spot for at least a week.

Good Birding,

Paul Chad
University City
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