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NASNI Purple Finch, Clay-colored Sparrow, Cackling Goose, no dove

Nicole and I spent several hours this morning (20 October) checking Naval Air Station North Island, and then Coronado Ave south of 8th St., and had no luck relocating the Ruddy Ground Dove. I gather a few others have checked and failed recently as well. We did, however, have a few notable birds there: a female-type PURPLE FINCH (giving its "pik pik" and "puwayo" calls) was flying south on Coronado Ave, Nicole spotted a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW in the little pocket park there (oddly we saw it from within the base, but it was not there upon our exit), and a CACKLING GOOSE was on the NASNI golf course. I briefly heard what was likely a Lapland Longspur with a flock of Horned Larks on the base as well, but never saw it.

Justyn Stahl
North Park

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Re: Need help with identifying two birds

Thank you to Gary Nunn for identifying that today’s mystery birds were a CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER and a SWINHOE'S WHIYE-EYE which is an introduced escapee from China that has established in Carlsbad.
Fun seeing them both as new yard birds!

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Encinitas Mountain Chickadee – Crest Drive

While looking unsuccessfully for the Grace’s Warbler this morning, at 8:45 AM a Mountain Chickadee was low in the tree across the street and then flew over 1260 Crest Drive, heading west. I lost track of it, but it could be in the pines that border 1260 Crest Drive, where the Grace’s is typically found.

Good birding!

David Trissel
San Diego, CA
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Continuing Cackling Goose at Santee Lakes

For the last few days there have been ebird reports (with photos) of a Cackling Goose at Santee Lakes.  I went and looked today, Tuesday morning, and the Cackling Goose was near the north end of Lake #5, near the large footbridge out to the wooded island.

Jeremiah Stock
Santee, CA
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Red-throated Pipit, and miscellaneous including bizarre Orange-crowned Warbler

I just heard from Guy McCaskie that he saw the Red-throated Pipit a short while ago in the late morning today, tuesday, at the ball fields behind the high school that are partly visible from the very south end of Nestor Park. A total of about 40 pipits altogether. The problem partly is that the bird was visible only at the east end of those fields and the only way to see that area is to go into an apartment complex and park in their parking lot that oversees that part of the fields. A couple cars going in and doing that would be okay. I've never been hassled when I do it alone. People would just have to figure out which apartment complex it is and give it a try. They are called the Wintergreen Apartments. Or wait till the birds come to the part of the school fields visible from Nestor park.

Yesterday I had a continuing Lucy's warbler in Lincoln Park now for day 17, I also had a rose-breasted grosbeak in the Tijuana River Valley but it was in a borderline sensitive area in regards to border patrol activity. And lastly, in the Chollas View neighborhood of San Diego, I had a bizarre Orange crowned warbler that has the very typical body and tail colors and markings of an orange crowned but the entire head and throat were bright unmarked yellow with a beady dark eye looking like a prothonotary warbler female. Also the legs partly looked kind of dull fleshy yellow rather than dark. Unless there is some sort of exotic species that looks just like that….

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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Balboa Park Greater Pewee continuing

Greater Pewee in its new usual spot and seems to be favoring the top of a low oak in the canyon next to a palm near here: (32.7337573, -117.1580553) and is actually visible from my parking spot. It drops low into canyon out of sight but keeps coming back.

Nathan French
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Slate-colored Dark-eyed Junco Balboa Park

I just found a Slate-colored Dark-eyed Junco in Balboa Park shortly after 11 am. It was foraging with other DEJUs under a small palm tree at the top of a canyon south of Marston House approximately here: (32.7401589, -117.1578548)

Nathan French
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Local patch fun – RB Grosbeak, Plumbeous Vireo, etc

This morning I decided to check my local park, San Carlos Rec Center, which I have been neglecting recently despite it having the award-winning combo of tall lerpy eucs AND a nice wet drainage ditch (plus plenty of big grassy baseball fields with weedy edges). 

As I was checking the activity along the ditch (which runs along the N edge of the park), I was surprised to see a young male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK moving between the sweetgum and cottonwood trees along the ditch and the fruit trees in the yards on the N side.  This individual showed a relatively slender band of color across the chest with buffy orange blended with blotches of rose pink, and crisp streaking running across the band.

Then as I was about to leave, close to 10am, a PLUMBEOUS VIREO began singing from the pines on the park side of the ditch.  I had a PLVI a couple of weeks ago at this exact spot, so perhaps this bird will winter?  

I returned in the late afternoon to see if I could refind the grosbeak, and while that did not happen, the PLVI was vocal and easy to re-find. I also had a Western Wood-Pewee and Western Tanager.  Then, again as I was about to leave, I was shocked to see a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE perched up on a chainlink fence.  Despite being this far inland with so much open habitat around Mission Trails, this is a very scarce species in the area these days.

Eitan Altman
San Carlos

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